Standard Fasteners & Nuts and Bolts, turned and moulded parts, valves and pressure reducers

  • Fasteners and Nuts and Bolts

    Lavorazioni Industriali S.p.A., with its 60+ years of experience, is actually a descendent of A.B. Vitaldado S.p.a., founded in 1946, has acquired a high degree of specialization in the manufacture of nuts, bolts and fasteners, both standard and special.


  • Special products

    Lavorazioni Industriali has a complete array of machines, with the latest designs in order to keep pace with modern technology and to be able to offer its customers a range of high quality and highly differentiated products customized according to the customer's design.


  • Valves and pressure reducers

    Lavorazioni Industriali S.p.A. manufactures pressure-reducing units and valves for various markets and in particular for the diving industry in accordance with the provisions of law in Europe.




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Lavorazioni Industriali is organized into production units that are autonomous from Head Office, but coordinated by it, so as to be flexible and focused on production processes, able to directly manage the customer both from the technical point of view and clearing of orders, whether in contract or program.


The warehouse is divided between picking and whole pallet storage areas, it is managed entirely by a dedicated software for the optimization of handling procedures, traceability and product sales. Lavorazioni Industriali is able to provide through its Assembly and Packaging departments, assembly of more or less complex parts and kits, according to Customer's request, in dedicated packs.

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